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In the spring of 2015, Hel's Kitchen became a subletter for the final year of the lease held by local Montpelier fine dining restaurant Salt Cafe. Hel's Kitchen offered weeknight dinner takeout, 5- to 7-course tasting dinners, and occasional catering. The menu changed every week to explore new regions of the world - from Macau to Sweden to Louisiana. Everyone was surprisingly willing to try unusual stuff, even the cabbage-filled cookies from Slovakia week. Thank you to the customers who made a point to buy one of everything every week - you are particularly awesome. 

As of this writing, it's been a year since that first sublet agreement, and the sublet is finished. Which, in turn, means that Hel's Kitchen takeout food is not currently for sale. . . but boy was it tasty while it lasted. We've collected lists of dishes we served under the Menus header.

The culinary philosophy of Hel's Kitchen could be summarized as very, very smitten with how many different flavors there are in the world. With classic dishes we did our level best to achieve authenticity (injera, for the record, is not simple to make). Some we admittedly tweaked to be sure there were enough vegetarian options on the menu (that Vegetarian Cubano? That was invented). Some dishes were inspired by the flavors of a place more than an actual recipe. The spirit has been a creative celebration of food's diversity - with the hope that for any cuisine catching a customer's fancy, they might seek it out from a cook who really knows that food.  Check out the Menu Notes section for notes and recipes. We're continue to build this collection with new ideas and refinement of previous posts. 

We are currently supplying baked goods to Adamant Coop on Mondays and Thursdays and doing limited catering from a certified home catering kitchen.

We're doing less catering than previously because Helen is working as Development Director at the Vermont Fresh Network and has fewer hours available. BUT Hel's Kitchen does love an unusual menu assignment or a particularly creative catered event that requires someone willing to try out new stuff (a good example would be this 1905 Western Russian Vegetarian Rural Food endeavor). If you've got something interesting in search of a caterer, go ahead and contact us to check availability. 

Call or e-mail for more information.  

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